Custom Commissions

Commission Ramon Valdez to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for you or someone you love.

Functional Art

Your Imagination is My Creation

Ramon’s Process

When I’m first contacted about a custom piece, I take the time to work with you to understand what you intend to use the piece for.

  • Purely decorative?
  • What function will it serve?
  • What types of items will be stored inside?
  • Etc.

Based on what I learn during this process, we work to determine the size of the piece.  Then we determine style and design.  I like to be in the room to get a feel for the surrounding aesthetics.

We’ll discuss various species of wood and design methods such as marquetry.  Together, we begin to visualize an overall design concept.  This process will allow me to put together an estimate.

Once we agree on a price, I can begin to generate working drawings and sketches, create detail shots, determine dimensions, choose materials and species of wood, and work with you to fine-tune the overall design.

Finalizing the design process will allow me to determine a time-frame for the project.  Remember, high-caliber, custom furniture is time-consuming to create, labor intensive, and incorporates a vast amount of details.  You’ll receive a future heirloom that you will enjoy for decades and beyond.

Custom Design


Future Heirloom

Custom Commissions

Do you have an idea for a custom piece you'd like to own?  Your imagination is my creation!  Let's work together to create the perfect piece destined to be a future family heirloom.

Gallery of Work

Take some time to look through the range of custom creations Ramon has brought to life.  Ramon calls his creations Functional Art because they are each a piece of art with a practical purpose.

Furniture Care

Quality, hand-made furniture is beautiful and durable. Caring for these future antiques today is an essential part in making tomorrow’s heirloom. Ramon's furniture care page offers some tips to do just that.

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