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I began my fine furniture business in 1998 to pursue my lifelong dream of creating unique furniture of the highest quality.

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Ramon Valdez

My creations are primarily one-of-a-kind pieces feature in galleries, exhibitions, and in the homes and offices of private clients. These works of art are primarily contemporary – always drawing inspiration from nature’s graceful lines and gentle curves. Future heirlooms are created utilizing many exotic species of wood from around the world. Beautiful exotics, combined with domestic species are distinctive to Ramon Valdez Fine Furniture.

In 2005, I had the privilege to study under Craig Vandall Stevens, a well-known marquetarian, furniture builder, and teacher. In 2007, I had the opportunity to study furniture design with Michael C. Fortune at Anderson Ranch in Aspen, Colorado. The knowledge and experience that I received from both of these artists inspired me to approach my art with a new-found passion.

And in 2012, I returned to Anderson Ranch once again to immerse myself in the Art of Marquetry, learning new and unique techniques from a world renowned master of the craft, Silas Kopf. “The knowledge and experience that I received from these artists inspired me to approach my craft with a new found passion, always creating the highest caliber pieces with premium craftsmanship!”
I create custom, contemporary furniture in my shop located in Northern New Mexico. I build both commissioned pieces for clients and speculative pieces for galleries, working with interior decorators and designers. My love of marquetry and a life-long passion for working with wood, both domestic species and some of the most beautiful, exotic species from all over the world is the ultimate for me!
I absolutely love collaborating with clients to create a piece that is not only functional, but of course beautiful and built to stand the test of time.

The Design Process

Nearly all commissions start with an idea of the client or need for a particular piece of furniture. I typically meet at the clients home…so I can see the space and get an overall feel for the style, size, necessary functionality of the piece and overall scope of the project. Once we’ve agreed on a price, I’ll generate working drawings, choose materials, and begin to fine tune the overall design. This can take a bit of back-n-forth, working out details, making changes, fine tuning dimensions and deciding wood choices and even certain “cuts” of wood to create a future heirloom that the customer will enjoy for decades and beyond.


  • I must first thank God for blessing me with such a great talent and for blessing me with the ability to pursue my dream.
  • To my boys, Darren and Derek, thank you for all your love and understanding.
  • To my wife, DeYan, thank you for all of the support you have given me over the years and believing in me.
  • To Ken Collins, thank you for the years of invaluable marketing advice that has taken my exposure to unbelievable levels.

Thank You…

Years Of Experience

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Ramon Valdez

Custom Furniture, Woodworker Education, & More

Custom Commissions

Do you have an idea for a custom piece you'd like to own?  Your imagination is my creation!  Let's work together to create the perfect piece destined to be a future family heirloom.

Gallery of Work

Take some time to look through the range of custom creations Ramon has brought to life.  Ramon calls his creations Functional Art because they are each a piece of art with a practical purpose.

Furniture Care

Quality, hand-made furniture is beautiful and durable. Caring for these future antiques today is an essential part in making tomorrow’s heirloom. Ramon's furniture care page offers some tips to do just that.

Domino Dock paid for itself in the first project I used it on, with massive time savings and much-improved accuracy! — @brucemartinmcgregor

Using my Domino Dock to cut a few mortises in some small awkward pieces.  This dock makes it so much easier!  Go get yourself one!  — @joseph_la_macchia

If you own a Domino, you need a Domino Dock.  What a game changer when you’re machining small parts.  Sooooo much more efficient to take the work to the tool instead of the tool to the work.  Large Domino, or small, get the docks from Ramon and give him a follow.  He kicks out great woodworking tips.  — @vondriskaworks

The domino dock is a game-changer for small parts. Holding the domino in a stable vertical position makes it  quick and easy to plunge mortises without the hand fatigue and clamping required when working flat on the bench top. Highly recommended. — @woodwhisperer

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