• American Black Walnut is primarily used for gunstocks and furniture.  It is prized for its dark and rich beauty.  The naturally occurring cream-colored “band” is actually the sapwood (area closest to the bark) and is not commercially available.  Some of the Walnut used on this piece came from a tree my grandfather planted in 1951.  In the spring of 2005, this beautiful tree was felled, taken to a saw mill and sliced into amazing lumber.  The dark areas of Walnut are referred to as the “heartwood”.
  • The bottom of the box contains a species of Maple known as “Ice” Maple and is admired for its beautiful chatoyance or reflective light qualities. 


  • The frame of the lid came to life again utilizing Black Walnut with striking sapwood and Purple Heart “spline keys” at each corner.  These keys are not only attractive, but aid in the structural integrity of each corner joint.  No screws, nails or other fasteners were used.  Precise, traditional joinery and quality glue are all that is ever needed in creating future heirlooms.
  • The effect of the sun rising above the hills was created with Jamaican Laurel Burl, which defines the suns center;  and African Satinwood, which creates the sun rays and permit it to shine!!
  • The rolling hills came to life with the use of Curly Cherry.  This wonderful species was also applied to the back (inside) of the lid panel for stabilization. 
  • Four rare earth magnets were embedded in the bottom portion of the lid and the top area of the box.  These magnets facilitate in closing of the lid with a satisfying “pop”. 


  • The pedestal was created using Black Walnut with Ebony “splines”.  Ebony is widely known for its jet black beauty and was once used to make piano keys.

Soss brand hinges were used for a clean and unobtrusive look.

All exotic species are purchased from well known suppliers who pride themselves in obtaining wood that is harvested from sustained forests.  All species of wood used are completely natural in color.  No dyes or stains were used.  Four coats of tung oil and a urethane mixture was used to help protect the wood.  It is important to remember to keep “Shine” away from direct sunlight.  Clean periodically with a soft and slightly moistened cloth (with water), followed with a clean, soft and dry towel.

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