Bench Top Saw Horses – Drawings and Parts List


Drawings & Parts List for Bench Top Saw Horses



Create Bench Top Saw Horses of Your Own

These small Saw Horses that I made for using at my workbench are super versatile!  I routinely use them for glue ups which allow the clamp handles to clear as well as great visability to check underneath the panels or boards.  I can also set them on the floor, throw a section of plyood on top and now I have a fantastic place to assemble taller furniture pieces.  These downloadable PDF plans include 10 pages of perspective drawings, shop notes, dimensions (both imperical & metric) and a link to my YouTube video titled “Forked Tusk Tenons with the PantoRouter”.

This downloadable PDF includes a parts list (Imperial and metric), build notes and multiple perspective drawings to build your own bench top saw horses.

NOTE:  Download the PDF immediately after purchase or the link will expire.