Flight of Fancy

Flight of Fancy

This 13”-15” bird known as an Indian Roller, originates from India, Berma, Southeast Asia, Tibet and China.  Indian Roller is striking in its strong direct flight, with its brilliant colored wings, contrasting with its brown back.


  • Dark areas of wings and tail feathers are made of Jarrah, from SE Asia and Australia.
  • Light areas of wings and tail feathers are made of Spanish Cedar, aka “Cedro”.
  • Body is made of Jatoba, which originates from South America and SE Asia, aka “Brazilian Cherry”.
  • Eyes, Beak and Talons are made of Ebony, primarily from Gabon, West Central Africa.
  • Head is made of Imbuya, South America.
  • Background is made of domestic Cypress.


  • Branches are made of Bubinga, a reddish-brown wood from the African Congo, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda.
  • Shadow of branch and stems on leaves are made of Macasar Ebony.  Macasar is the old name of Ujung Pandang (pronounced oojoon pandan), the old seaport on the southwest coast of Celebes, Indonesia.
  • Leaves are made of Poplar, a domestic hardwood.


  • Sides are made of Curly Maple.
  • Legs are made of Epitong, an extremely hard and very dense wood from Malaysia.
  • Frame around bird is made of Bubinga, also known as Kevazingo, which originates from Africa.
  • Interior box and tray are made of Spanish Cedar from South America.  Corners are reinforced with Purple Heart, from tropical South America.
  • Other woods (five layer laminations) box and tray bottoms are made of Maple and Hickory.
  • Splines at corners of Bubinga frame are made of Makore, also known as African Cherry and Avodire, a gold to deep golden brown wood that also originates from Africa.

All species of wood are natural in color with an oil and urethane coat for protection.

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